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 What made Facebook become what it is today? 

This was the question I threw out to all of you last time. I’ll be happy to give my two cents on this but before that, some special announcements since I don’t have Facebook anymore this is how I shareJ

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Well now that I’ve gotten that off my chest let me apologize for my delay in posting. I’ll be posting twice this week since I was sick with an awful cold last week and still recovering this week. It’s funny to think of how much I would have check Facebook if I were home sick or stuck at home on a snow day. One of the things that I’ve been noticing is how little I’ve even checked other social media sites now that I’m not on FB. This is something I want to explore a little more. How does Facebook promote the usage of other social media websites?

Now for the juicy stuff! I have the privilege of having a very special connection, first encounter, with Facebook. It was circa Fall/Winter 2004. I believe it was my freshmen year at Hofstra University. I went home to Boston for a break and decided to go visit my sister and her roomie at none other than Harvard! I remember being in their dorm and both of them telling me about this new thing at their school that I would get hooked on, FACEBOOK! For the next few hours I stayed sitting my sister’s room navigating this very bare to the bones site where I could see who their classmates were or better yet the hot guys at the school. I was in communications heaven! Talk about taking gossiping to the next level. Sadly, I had to go back to Hofstra and was without this glorious site for a few months. I remember writing to Facebook and suggesting Hofstra be added which they were soon enough. Those were the good ole days. So if you remember being poked or remember you status having to be Amanda Tiradentes is…….. You are an original Facebook user!

Facebook has since undergone so many updates that it’s hard to remember what the original Facebook looked like. This blog gives us a nice timeline of how the updates changed the FB look: http://facebooklayout.com/blog/a-look-at-the-changing-layouts-of-facebook/

Here’s a picture of what the original wall looked like via Google images:



I think we each have a different reason for joining Facebook. Mine’s was purely because I loved the idea of connecting people online that had something in common. In the end, I understand why Facebook continued to expand its network, but feel that with its ongoing changes it lost some of its appeal. You may remember why you joined Facebook but what makes you stay checking it? What motivates you to post or to follow your friends/acquaintances?

Until next time! This is how I feel about my Facebook blog- HA!